About Us

How It Started

There are a lot of small parishes in North America. Some of them are so small that they don't have enough hands for old-fashioned fundraising. Our parish falls into this category.

We hold services in a charming old building that is, unfortunately, falling apart, and we have to leave it fairly soon. We've held craft fairs, we've sent letters, and we started collecting recipes for a church cookbook -- all the standard fare.

We found out very quickly that it was going to be difficult to scrape together enough recipes to assemble a respectable cookbook, so we decided to take a slightly unconventional approach. We had among us a web developer, a graphic designer, and a few accomplished social butterflies, so we decided to build this site.

An Orthodox Kitchen is our way of collecting recipes from friends in far-off parishes and making new friends by sharing what we have. Eventually, we will have a companion print edition with the best recipes from the site and festal traditions from across the continent and the rest of the world.

How To Get Involved

If you like this site, why not show your appreciation? There are three areas where we are looking for help:

  1. Don't be shy -- become a member and add some recipes!
  2. Join our Google Group and volunteer to test recipes that will go in the print edition of the cookbook.
  3. Of course, we would love it if you wanted to donate to our parish.

Feel free to contact us with any comments, questions, or suggestions -- we would love to hear from you!

In Christ,

The parishioners of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church